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This page contains all manner of miscellaneous information about DietJustice;

  1. What is DietJustice?
  2. Who I am...
  3. Blog content and features
  4. Unique DJ Content Elsewhere
  5. Getting Involved
  6. Twitter Lists
  7. Comments Policy
  8. Feedback week 
  9. Label Specific RSS Feeds


What is DietJustice?

DJ is a blog that reflects the author's life.

It is branded as a 'Justice' blog, but that is really meant in the broadest sense of the word. This is not purely academic, it combines justice issues with other interests of mine including; leadership, blogging tips, life stories from the author and the occasional anger vent.

It will represent the competing demands, stresses, strains, joys and successes faced by any normal person.

Academic posts will generally include current affairs from the political, legal, educational and policing worlds. The wider content has included a great series of leadership and blogging posts. More personal content tends to come from the authors experiences with the NHS and all the other usual challenges facing a 25 year old law student.

As of December 2011 i have been running an apprenticeship scheme aimed at encouraging those interested in law and politics a platform to take their first steps into the world of blogging. I have just chosen my first apprentice, and am very proud to be able to offer him the opportunity to write on his favourite topics.

This scheme is currently in the pilot stage, but i hope to be able to offer Bobby some long term benefits including; a sample of what its like to be a blogger, with the view to supporting him in becoming a blogger in his own right. I hope that the experience will become valuable enough to earn a place on his CV, or be great interview fodder. One day i also hope to be able to take on a number of staff writers, the the apprenticeship scheme will give me the chance to check out potential candidates.

There are lots of opportunities within the DJ family, and i can assure anyone who earns their place within it a long term commitment from me as a thank you for their contributions. 

I hope you enjoy my blog, i am very proud of it!


Who I am...

Hi, my name is Ollie and I am a 25 year old 'mature' Law student and Special Constable. In a former life i have been a lifeguard and leisure center duty manager, and am now a lifeguard Trainer/Assessor. Qualified health and safety adviser, but won't be posting much about that because it can be eye-wateringly boring.

DJ started out life as a creative outlet for me, and its a buzz to see that people enjoy reading it. It still remains primarily a creative outlet so I feel free to post about anything that takes my fancy, including; when i drop things, my cat, the weather, and student finance. 

At the beginning of July i ran a feedback week, and got some great emails. One of which said that although i posted about my personal life, you couldn't really find out who i was. I therefore decided to drop my anonymity, and let you really get to know who i am.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and you should feel free to contact me on


Blog Content and Features

Everyone love a good series. You get to know the cast, the set and the warmly predictable plot lines. I hope the same love extends to the various DJ series posts...i certainly love writing them. See below a list of DJ series posts, i hope you love reading them as much as i do writing them.

  • Life Skills
  • Leadership
  • Blogging from a hospital bed
  • Documentaries
  • Evening Quickie
  • Getting Personal
  • Hurdles


DJ Unique Content Elsewhere

Making best use of social media, without duplication and without overloading my readers

DJ Blog - The DJ blog is where it all goes down. Using a wide range of social media is great, but only worth doing if i keep up a consistent range of original content. The blog is where the magic happens! It can range from short 'evening quickie' posts to longer posts published in a series like the 'leadership skills series'

Facebook - The DJ Facebook page is all about editorials. I spend a lot of time researching and come across a load of great news articles. I share these articles on the DJ facebook profile, with a brief editorial with some opinions or comment about the topic. The rest is up to my lovely readers, the debate can gallop freely across the plains

Twitter - Twitter is where i keep in touch with my readers, and share with them new blog posts, and Facebook editorials, amongst other things.


Getting Involved

There are lots of ways to get involved in DJ, don don't need to just be a lurker...i love to hear from my readers!
  • Commenting - Commenting is the easiest way to get involved, just let me know what you think about what i have written. You can let me know if i've missed something, or if you disagree, or just your opinion on the topic.
  • Guest Posting - I very rarely invite guest posts, but if you would like to be a guest blogger i am always interested on hearing your views, just drop me an email.
  • Reviews - It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when i get a review of the blog, and there are lots of places you can do it! My two favourite places are;
  • * Recommendation on LinkedIn 
    * Review on Technorati 
  • Social Networks - I am a member of all the top social networks, so feel free to add me. Check out the logos below the links bar on the front page.
  • Blog Roll - Law Bloggers get pride of place on my blog...if you want to be added just email me.


Twitter Lists
Keeping DJ readers connected

I am very proud of my twitter list management and over time have built up some of the most comprehensive twitter lists in the blogosphere. I add the majority of my followers to more than one of my lists so that i can help promote their tweets, and so that my readers can easily find tweeps who might interest them. I would love to hear your feedback on my lists, good or bad, so drop me a comment below :-)


Comments Policy
Keeping DJ readers talking

Some of my favourite blog posts are ones that spark a reader's interest enough to prompt them to make a comment and start a discussion. I love writing my blog posts, but there is no better satisfaction that to hear a readers opinion, even if it's one that disagrees with me!

I realise that a lot of readers, for whatever reason, don't want to comment. I want to encourage it as much as possible and my first step in doing so is being clear about my position on commenting so that genuine commenters have the best environment in which to participate.

  • Spam...gets deleted. Obviously!
  • Links...are encouraged. Feel free to link to your own website, or other relevant sites, in a comment. If its your personal blog i will add it to the blog roll and/or to other relevant areas of DJ's site and social networks. But remember, spam gets deleted...common sense rules on links still apply!
  • Anonymous commenting...everyone likes to put a name to a comment, it gives the comment more credibility and a nice personal touch. However i don't want to force everyone down the route of having to log in just to make a comment. I therefore allow comments to be made without any log in, but I ask that you do use your name. It means i can get to know you and we can keep track of the discussion. Where I need to add any extra security measure, it will be comment moderation rather than increased Human Verification stuff. It delays the comment a bit, but makes commenting easier for you, and means i can catch spam before it even is published. I don't ever intend to have comment moderation on long term, unless we have a serious spam/troll problem.
  • 'Extreme' Views...I won't delete posts just because i disagree with them...i encourage myself and my readers to get an insight into a diverse range of views. However, i won't tolerate anyone who is unkind, rude or intolerant. We must all respect each other's views, but there are common sense limits on what is acceptable and what is not.
  • Respect the blog, Respect the readers...with such a great readership comes the opportunity for great discussion and i will do what i can to ensure that constructive and interesting discussion can happen without interruption or distraction by inappropriate material
  • Rewarding top 5 commenters join the "DJ Community Jury'. You get your name in lights on the righthand column and hopefully it will send a bit of traffic to your twitter account or blog. Just make sure your blogger profile is all in order cause that's where it links to!


Feedback Week
6th July - 13th July 2011

All too often people seeking feedback take the view that they are doing people a favor by offering them ways to give feedback. Actually, people don't generally want to give feedback unless something is seriously wrong. So when i ask you for feedback, i am asking you to help me...and i can't offer you anything in return other than a thank you. I am not looking for you to tell me that what i am doing is great, although that's always nice to hear! I am looking to find out what you want more of, and what you want less of. I can then tailor my content to reflect that. Lets look at how i intend to do it, and why i am having a 'feedback week'.

Pop-ups. I hate pop-ups. They are intrusive, annoying and get in the way...they get immediately closed. So why have i got a pop up poll, surely that makes me a hypocrite? Well yes, but i think i have found a way of using pop-ups without driving my readers mad...hopefully you will agree!
Anyway, it's 'feedback week'. This is a week where i focus on  finding out what i'm doing well, and what i'm doing badly. Once the week is over, i will bring together all the feedback and make changes based upon it. This isn't anything unusual...but why am i doing it for just a week?

Actually, i want feedback all the time. Any good blogger is open to constructive criticism at any time. I have decided to have an official 'feedback week' for a number of reasons;
  1. I am more comfortable with using pop-ups as long as it is for a short period of time, for a specific purpose. One the week is over, i will deactivate the hoping my readers will forgive me for using pop-ups on this basis. 
  2. Having a 'week' gives me focus. During this week i will continue to produce original content, but i will also be looking at statistics and other ways to measure success.
  3. It gives you, the reader, a way of seeing how valuable your feedback is. In the days following the feedback week you should expect to start seeing changes. Under normal circumstances there is no set time frame in which feedback is assessed and changes made. The feedback week gives you that time frame.
So please please take a few seconds to fill out any poll that pops up, and if you want to give any other feedback feel free to email me or pop a comment in the comments section of this page, or any other page. Commenting is still anonymous, so be fair but as honest as you like.


Label Specific RSS Feeds

DJ's very own Pick 'n' Mix is here! If you want to mix and match your DJ content, here is a list of label specific RSS feeds. 

If you want a custom feed for any of the other DJ labels just email me or drop a comment at the end of this page and i will sort it out for you.