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The next episode for Diet Justice

Morning everyone!

We have hit the mid-point for DJ's birthday blogging extravaganza, and i could not have wished for better writers, better articles, and better feedback from our readers. The biggest compliment for a blogger is to have readers who are willing to put the time and effort into writing their own articles for me. So i thank both the guest bloggers, and the readers who have given such great feedback. I hope you all enjoy the next 4 guest bloggers.

The Future of DJ, click here to visit
The current incarnation of Diet Justice is hosted by Google's blogspot, and it has served us all very well over the past 12 months. However i think you would agree that it has become tired and is in need of a redesign. I also think there is room for us to unite the 'DJ Family' in a more community based blog (please dont cringe :p). I have played around with lots of different blog and community platforms over the past few months, and i have finally found one that i feel will offer us all a much more cosy blogging experience.

I don't intend to launch the new site for some time, but have chosen to share it with you now in the hope that a few of you will be willing to cast your eye over it and help me create something that we can all enjoy. I want the new DJ to be much more reflective of the people who have made it a success, the readers. You will have heard me refer to the 'DJ Family' a lot since i started blogging, and this new blog will be our new home.

When you look at the new site you will see that it currently consists of 4 parts. The Blog will continue as it always has, but there are 3 other features that i think we can have a lot of fun with.
  • The always the DJ Family surrounds the blog, and i don't intend to change that. What will be new is the ability for certain members to submit their own articles without having to send it through to me first. I don't intend for it to become a free-for-all, but it will allow guest bloggers to format their own articles, and therefore make them much more personal to them.
  • The Members...This is something very new to DJ, and i take a tentative approach to it. I really want to build on the community we have already created, but i realise that going from 'reader' to 'member' is a big step. For the new 'community' features to be a success i need your help, and the first thing you can do to kick start this is to register as a member. In return, i promise to give you the chance to share your own blogs or websites, and share your opinions and thoughts if you wish to, and meet like minded people. I can't compete with twitter, but i have no doubt that the DJ family can build something equally as unique and enjoyable.
  • The Forum...A few times a week i will identify a current affairs topic that i think appeal to you guys, and provide a platform for us to discuss it. There will also be opportunities to become 'forum owners'. You pick a topic, i create a sub forum for it, and we see how much interest we can generate in it. 
  • The Links...If you have a blog, a website, or want to share a site you find interesting, you will be able to submit it to the links section. I have already transferred over the 'Blog Roll' from this version of DJ, along with a selection of links that i visit regularly.
Like i said, i don't plan on launching the new site yet. My aim here is to have the new DJ created by the DJ tell me what you think, and i will make it happen.