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Twitter chats this evening

This article is a personal one...its not about law, politics, policing or anything else. Its just a chance for me to have a vent. Lets start by dealing with my faux pas about blogging anonymity.

Since i wrote my first piece about Social Media i have come under some criticism regarding the issue of anonymous bloggers and tweeters. As soon as i realised that i had misjudged the issue, i posted this article by way of a correction. The criticism has generally been justified, and i thought i would briefly discuss it.


I am an amateur blogger, not a professional journalist. Therefore i have had to naively feel my way through the darkness that is the social media minefield. On my way i have hit numerous mines, and on occasion i have had to make public apologies. Making mistakes, especially ones that result in a negative reaction from my peers, weigh heavily on my shoulders. I blog with good intent, and try very hard to uphold the standards i set myself.

Moving regular readers know that, at times of crisis, i wear my heart on my sleeve. There have been many times when i have blogged when i am at my worst (see tag 'Blogging from a hospital bed'). Today is one of those such days, as i have today been faced with the decision to drop out of university.

Here is a little history of my university life...feel free to skip! I started my LLB in academic year 09/10, age 24, having been off sick for numerous months. It was a huge change and excitement for me. I brought with me a long standing medical condition that liked to rear its ugly head on a fairly regular basis. During that academic year it did so on more than one occasion, yet i managed to scrape through year 1. Year 2 came along, and i managed to almost finish it when i ended up back in hospital...i therefore had to interrupt my studies, with the intention of returning to them on academic year 11/12. When it came to academic year 11/12 i found that i had built up so much debt due to being in hospital for so long that i had no choice but to work. A job came along that i knew i loved, and i applied. This was not an easy process in itself...i had to do the interview while i was in hospital (long story for another day).  The job was perfect, and was over the moon when i was offered it. Sadly, despite it being part time, i had to undergo a very long full time training package which made attending lectures impossible. I am still working my way through that training package, but loving it. 

Despite being on course for a 1st class degree, my attendance has been poor because of work, and i am left with a few options. I could try and self teach, and complete this year with 'adequate' marks. I could go part time, which would mean i would lose all funding. Or i could 'withdraw'...or 'drop out', which is a more descriptive phrase. If i was to withdraw i would still walk away with a CertHE in Law, but not the degree that i was most passionate about, and dedicated to.

In making this decision i have to weigh up lots of factors. Money and health are the most important of which.

If i look at what i have achieved since i started university in 09/10 i have a lot to be proud has changed my life. I have met some amazing friends. I have learned how to learn again. I have started a blog that keeps me mentally stimulated and in touch with people who share my passions. I have learned a lot about myself and improved on my weaknesses, and mastered my strengths.

If life is like a fog covered ocean, university gave me the map and compass to help me navigate the storms ahead...maybe this is what they call 'the university of life'?