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Embracing the media

I often talk about how the police are beginning to master the use of social media, but watching the new series of Coppers on Channel 4 has reminded me that this great progress extends to wider media as well.

The first series of Coppers could have been just another Road Wars, or Cops with Cameras...a format that does well at sharing real police work with the nation, but i cant help but find incredibly tedious. I find it tedious because it shows well policing at its most volatile, but fails to show what the world of policing is really like for both sides. Coppers was unique in that it, for the first time, allowed police officers to speak their minds. Even more ground breaking is that it interviews those on the other side of that relationship, the criminals, suspects, and victims. I have no doubt that this is a triumph of modern leadership by the senior police officers involved, and it shows the benefit of nurturing such symbiotic relationships.

Generally police officers still view the media with some suspicion. A suspicion that i suspect is borne out of a historically poor relationship. The modern view is that a good relationship with newspapers, broadcasters, and a well managed social media policy, can reap huge rewards.

Both sides are known to have made mistakes, but as with any new venture it takes a process of fine tuned trial and error to succeed.

I would love to hear your experiences of this flourishing relationship. Have you any experiences of when it has succeeded? or any when it has failed?