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DJ's 1st Birthday

As we are in the last day of January 2012, i felt it would be a good time to have a quick chat about the 1st birthday of this blog. The big day is 19th Feb 2012, and on that day i want to give you a potted history of what i have achieved as a blogger in the last year. That will be my chance to thank all those people who have supported me in the last year.

My little blog post on the 19th will just be one blog post in a series of 10. I have had the honour to meet a lot of great people, and to thank some of the most influential people i have asked them to write a little blog post on DJ themselves.

I want to say a BIG thank you to these people who have honoured me with their time. I have asked them to write 500-600 word article on a topic of their choice. I have discussed the article topics with them, and i've got no doubt that there will be something for everyone. Here is the line up, why not add them on twitter?
@JonAshworth - My local Member of Parliament
@PFNDF - The Detective Forum of the Police Federation
@MrCliveC - A Police Federation Representative
@TheLawMap - A well established and popular law blogger
@MikePannett - An ex-police officer, turned best selling author
@julierainey - A social media expert working for a Home Office police force
@ASBO_Girl - An Anti-Social Behaviour expert
@legalaware - A good friend of mine, and fellow blogger
@AndyLukeUK - A fellow Special Constable
@Vidocq_CC - A fellow blogger and cold case expert