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Child Protection Documentary BBC

I usually try really hard to take a balanced approach to my articles. If i've learned one thing from doing a law degree is that its essential to look at both sides of an argument. However, watching this documentary on Social Services, and Child Protection, i can't help by being disgusted at the way some people look after their children.

Social Services are under funded, and have one of the hardest jobs in this country. They are charged with ensuring the safety of thousands of children who are innocently born into situations that will prevent them from achieving their potential. David Cameron calls them 'Problem Families'. Watching the first half of this documentary gets me really angry because there are some people that just simply should be allowed to have children. Watching the second half of the documentary gives me a bit of hope that with support from Social Services those parents can make the right decisions for their children.

This discussion is a very difficult one. On the one hand, it is everyone's right to have offspring without state interference. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who irresponsibly have children when they are incapable of looking after them. China solves this problem by introducing limits on the number of children one can have. That doesn't sit well with me.

There are some who would say that parents should be assessed prior to having children to determine their suitability as parents. This doesn't sit well with me either. Who are we to say that one person is, and one person isn't suitable to be a parent? I don't think that one can assess a persons suitability as a parent prior to them becoming a parent anyway, so this approach would be flawed. 

Sadly, there are some people out there who have children and put the child through hell. My mother was one of those people, but i was very lucky to have the father that i do. Having had a difficult up bringing with my mum, i now prosper thanks to the intervention and support of my dad. If my mother had been assessed as not being suitable to have children, which she isn't and wasn't, i wouldn't exist. So i strongly oppose the suggestion that a poor upbringing means you cant turn out well as an adult.

It is easily one of the most challenging issues that face any society. I am quite nervous to write this article, because i know that the opinions on this are going to be strong. I want to open up this discussion, but i realise how emotive it can be. So lets keep it balanced and respect each others views...even if we do challenge them :)

So, have you had any experiences that you would be willing to share? How do you see the future of social service and child protection?