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Calling all students...campaign time!

During the last few months i have been arguing with Student Finance England, through my MP Jon Ashworth, about their policy on overpayment recovery. They have been unhelpful, obstructive and incompetent at every turn and have left me with the clear impression that this QUANGO is not fit for purpose. A combination of automation, fear of discretion, and poorly trained staff leads to students being let down.

I get that feeling that something must be done. Despite the bad press we students get i think that most people will agree that it is important to offer students enough funding to keep them supported during their studies. The fact of the matter is, we don't really get enough. To survive through university we have to make a compromise; less time spent studying and more time spent earning. Fair enough, life is about compromise and its an important lesson to learn. The problem is, the body charged with administering our funding is weak and incapable...this leads to funding arrangements failing and on occasion students forced to quit their studies in order to support themselves.

So many of the bad experiences are anecdotal, and its about time we start gathering together some actual evidence of their incompetence. This is where i can help.

With the support of my MP, Jon Ashworth, i am seeking to identify the most common issues students have. Once that is done, i will arrange a meeting with the HE Minister, Jon and I where i will present the findings in an attempt to make education more accessible, and funding more reliable. I want to speak to the HE Minister on behalf of as many students as possible, so please spread the word.

I cant guarantee that we can solve every case. What i can guarantee is that i will pass your details on to the Minister with the expectation that he will take steps to resolve each problem.

So how can you help?
  • Have you had a bad experience with your student funding? 
    • Email me - Start with a brief summary of the problem, who you have dealt with, the relevant dates, and your customer reference number.
  • Do you know someone who has had a bad experience with their student funding? 
    •  Ask them to email me. the above details.
  • Can you help publicise my campaign?
    • I need as much data as possible in order to put together a representative portfolio of evidence. Can you share this blog post on your social media profiles? Can you add a link to your website? Can you email your friends, family, customers with the details?
I can't achieve this on my own, so i will be seeking the support of as many people as possible...we need to cast the net wide. 

Thank You!