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Members of Parliament Blacklist

I've spoken a lot about the accountability of MP's...its becoming a bit of a crusade of mine. I get very irritated that our elected representatives are so difficult to contact. They are generally out of reach because they are doing another political job, have poor staff, or spend all their time in Westminster.

In many ways i oppose elected representatives taking on any position that takes them away from their constituency work. At the moment an MP focuses on pleasuring their constituents in the run up to elections, yet the rest of the time they are more concerned with their own careers. No MP is going to get a promotion for being a great constituency MP are they?

Take a look at this link. A local paper, The Gazette, tested how easy it would be to get in contact with their local MP, Sir Stuart Bell, Labour. They made over 100 calls, and no one ever even picked up the phone. Lets take a look at how this guy works;

  • He doesn't have an office in the town, unlike the other 4 MPs in the area
  • He has not held a constituency surgery for 14 years as he was threatened by a constituent in 1997
  • He says he only meets with people by appointment, and appointments can be arranged by making a phone call to him
  • He is paid an annual salary of £65,738 and has claimed £82,896 in expenses for staffing
  • He has been the MP for Teeside since 1983 and has been re-elected 6 times
  • He does not answer emails, letters or calls, constituents say

This is insane! The guy is a waste of space, and there should be an obligation on on the Speaker of the House of Commons to force a by-election under these circumstances. What are your thoughts?