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Letter of apology from Gavin George, Constituency Director for Jon Ashworth MP

My regular readers will be aware of a nightmare situation that i found myself in during August. Due to ill health i was unable to work so decided to go on benefits for a short period of time so i could recover, with the intention of returning to work late September. As i am officially a student i was unable to get any benefit, and because i "interrupted" my university course due to ill health the student loans company decided they were going to recover the last payment of the 2010/2011 academic year.

I could not get any financial help from family, so was in a desperate situation. I was distraught because i didn't know if i was going to be able to afford to eat, and the only option that seemed available to me was quitting university so that i could get benefits. University has been a life changing experience for me, im passionate about my subject, and the thought of having to quit university, and i dont mind admitting it, had me in tears more than once on this particular day. Out of desperation i rang my MP, as i thought it unfair and contrary to the principles of social mobility. I am a productive member of society, am doing well at university, give up a lot of time as a Special Constable and hopefully have a great future ahead of me. Its astonishing that a student cannot get a short term benefit if they are unwell...i don't see it any different from being signed off sick from work.

Anyway, so i rang up my MP and spoke to Gavin George, Jon Ashworth's Constituency Director. Admittedly it was about 1630, but i had spent all day trying to find a solution and calling Jon was a last ditch and desperate call for help. I was treated terribly by Gavin, you can read more about it in this blog post i wrote shortly after the conversation.

At the very least i felt i deserved a letter of apology from Gavin, and i received that letter of apology a few days ago. I have chosen to publish it on my blog because i had so much support from my readers and i want to keep you updated on any progress i make. You guys were really great, and i cant thank you enough.

See below the thank you letter, i'd appreciate your thoughts on the situation now it has calmed down a bit.

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