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Labour's Fire Service Failure

I come from a Labour family, and consider myself someone with labour values. I have not gone as far as labelling myself as a Labour Party supporter because i was so disgusted with the Brown reign of incompetence. In recent weeks i have tentatively been taking steps towards the party, in the hope they will show me that they have changed, and they are worthy of my support.

My experiences with my local Labour MP, Jon Ashworth, have been largely very positive. I have been saying for some time that the only way Labour will recover from the Brown era is to have a huge clear out of the old school Brownites and Blairites. Despite Jon being very close to the current leader of the Party, i think his generation of 2010 MPs are the future of the party and the current shadow cabinet need to do the honorable thing and return to the back benches.

So just as i feel i am starting to see a possible future as a Labour supporter i am reminded of the legacy that they have left behind. Today's story about the Fire Control Room project has reminded me how out of touch the Labour party could be.

We can turn this disaster into a positive though, it should be a lesson to the current government. It is soo important that politicians allow the experts in the police and fire services to take the lead on any project of this kind. Politicians are simply not experienced enough, nor do they have the management skills or ability to execute it.

Politicians...know your limits.