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Beta Testers wanted

Hey everyone,

I have finally found a platform that i think offers the flexibility and functionality i have been searching for. It has taken me months of trial and error to finally get to this stage, so this is a big day. Diet Justice 3.0 will mark a transition from Blog, to Community. To help me fine tune the software, i need a handful of Beta Testers. If you are interested, drop me an email here and i will sort out your access, and we can get started. To find out more about DJ3.0 continue reading this blog post :)

For you, the readers, Diet Justice 3.0 will mean there will be more. My blog will continue at the same pace and quality as it always has. By building a community i hope to develop a resource that is informative, interesting and useful. To achieve this i have been seeking a platform that had a wider range of features;
  • Forums...where we can discuss a wide range of topics.
  • User Blogs...when i started blogging i wished there was a way to reach a wider audience sooner. By starting your blog within the DJ 3.0 Community you can immediately reach thousands of daily visitors. Once you have fine tuned your content, and developed your own readership, you can spread your wings and take your new readers with you to your own blog if you wish. This feature is about supporting fellow bloggers.
  • Downloads...i currently have a folder full of reports, inquiries, think tank publications, and student materials. They are no good sitting on my desktop, so this downloads section will allow me, and you, to share interesting publications with the community. For example; I intend to bring together all the recent reports on policing reform. I hope that by doing this it will make the issue of police reform more accessible to the community, and i can see this happening with lots of other topics as well. Any member will be allowed to share documents with the community.
  • Contacts...this is a fairly small feature, but one that i really like. As a community we can compile a list of useful contacts for a variety of industries.
  • registering as a member you will become part of the community, giving you the ability to use more resources and to contribute.
I realise that i have a lot of work ahead of me. This is not going to be a "build it and they will come" project. I hope that the hard work that the Beta Testers and I will put in will give you a reason to join in, and hopefully contribute your expertise as well :)