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Hurdle 18: What should i be blogging about?

I often take a browse around the blogosphere seeking out fresh ideas, tips and tricks. Sometimes i come up empty handed, sometimes i come across some more risky blogging techniques. Today i have come across a more risky idea...asking you what i should be blogging about.

I am terrified that i will be met by a wall of silence. Although i have great chats with readers on twitter, facebook and email (email much more often than i would have expected) i am missing something. It is something that all bloggers are faced with at some point, and that is commenting.

Not relevant, but it made me laugh
Blogging can be a lonely pass time. I have maintained both post frequency, and enthusiasm, because my motivations for blogging as personal, as opposed to seeking high traffic or peddling a particular political view. Despite blogging for personal reasons, i get most satisfaction from chatting with you, the readers.  Unfortunately i'm not getting it right.

So i'm stepping out of my comfort zone, and asking you "what should i be blogging about?". In addition to that, "what usually encourages you to comment on a blog?"

The 'feedback week' i ran last month led to my making lots of changes. I will approach this in the same way and look forward to implementing some of your suggestions.

Over to you...
-it doesn't matter if its your first time, second time, 100th time, or if you love me or hate me