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Progress made...convo with Jon Ashworth

Hi everyone. Just a quick update, as my eyes are about to slam shut against my will!

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I spoke to my MP, Jon Ashworth, on the phone this afternoon and we made some positive progress. He apologised for the behaviour of his arrogant, unprofessional, callous moron of a constituency director, Gavin. I have asked that Gavin apologise in writing. Considering how upset and vulnerable i felt when i rang, and that i was desperate for someone to help me, i think a letter of apology is the least i deserve for the way i was treated.

Jon was helpful, polite and sympathised with my situation. He is going to write to the DWP and Student Finance Company on my behalf, as well as my university's Vice-Chancellor to see if there is any other funds available that could help me. If the responses are unsatisfactory, he will make representations to the appropriate minister and he and I will campaign for a chance in law or policy if necessary.

There is also a wider issue. Appeal processes are long and drawn out processes. They are not fit for purpose when the decisions may mean the individual cannot afford to eat and pay rent. If necessary we will campaign for the first point of contact, at both DWP and student finance, to have increased discretionary options, training in how to use them, and an appeals process that is fit for the urgent situations that most appellants will find themselves in.
He steelz dem

Someone this morning asked me the charged question "What do you expect an MP to do about it? quickly followed by "DWP will never change the decision". One option i discussed with this reader was leaving full time education and going part time. An option yes, but not one that i should be forced into. The issue here is one of social justice. It is profoundly unfair for someone to be put in this position, and it is right that i stand up and be counted. Unfair decisions MUST be challenged, and if i've learned one thing today its that decisions CAN be challenged and we no longer have to take decisions of the state lying down. Jon Ashworth, my MP, echoed these sentiments and is being very supportive.

I want to conclude by thanking some people. I have never in my life had so much support as i have had today. I am truly overwhelmed. At these low points in life it can be easy to just give up, but the support and advice i have been given today has kept me focused, happy, positive, and able to face this situation in a sensible and measured manner.

He dontz like dem
Jon Ashworth must accept responsibility for the behaviour of his staff. However, it has become clear to me that Gavin is the weak link in Mr Ashworth's team, and he doesn't reflect the wider attitude in that office. It is only fair on Jon that i make this clear, as he has been supportive, proactive, and i do now have confidence in him. I am not going to allow Gavin to tar the reputation of the rest of the team and Jon Ashworth. Gavin has to live in the knowledge that he is less than useless, and its a shame that someone with such low morals is in a position to have contact with the public...i suggest he find work more appropriate to his abilities [insert shit job here].

So to conclude, i am deeply thankful of the support i have had from my readers. Jon Ashworth MP, once i finally got to speak to him, was helpful and is exactly what i expect from a good public representative. Letters are being sent, and there is a plan in place, and i have to have confidence in that plan. If it weren't for the support i have had on twitter, i wouldn't have this solution so i am genuinly thankful to you all.

Updates to follow, and if anyone has any more advice or ideas i'd still love to hear them. Thanks to mjogreen who has sought the advice of the reddit community on my behalf. He asked me if i thought it would be useful, and although we have a good plan it is an honour to meet people willing to offer advice and support, and maybe someone will come up with something i've not thought of. Thanks Michael.

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