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Our solution...

So there are loads of ideas going around on the best way to deal with those involved in the recent disorder. Now we are coming out the other side of it, thanks to our police, its a good time to give it some proper thought.

The criteria i think we need to fill is;

- Doesn't add an extra burden on society
- Doesn't put offenders in a financial position that they cannot afford the basics required to live; food, water, clothes, electricity.
- Gives back to the community that they have taken much from
- Is a punishment that is taken seriously by the offenders, and society...justice must be seen to be done
- The punishment gives the offenders a chance to turn their lives around
- A failure to comply leads to a substantive punishment such as a custodial sentence

I've been bouncing ideas around the twitosphere and between us @girlgatsby  and i have come up with the ideal solution.

Where the only aggravating factor is the disorder, and that disorder did not involve physical violence towards another person, they should be given a long community service order. That order would last up to a year, and include at least 4 full days work. Over the year they are giving something back to the community, and learning to work to a structure. For one day a week they would attend some form of education, be it 'back to work' workshops, computer skills, literacy skills or whatever. It would be my hope that after the year they feel like they have the confidence to turn their lives around. If they fail to meet the community order, they will find themselves be given a custodial sentence.

Thanks to @girlgatsby for her great you agree? do you disagree? let us know!