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Evening Quickie: Our Solution part 2

Building on my article on solutions to the death of society i wanted to introduce a new element.

I was talking to @Shevvs about the causes of criminality this evening. Its clear the topic is huge and complex, and we will never truly bottom it out. Despite that we need to have the confidence tackle it through trial and error.

@Shevvs quite rightly pointed out that it is unfair of anyone to suggest the root of criminality is poverty and single parenting. Both of us have had a difficult upbringing, and we both have turned out to be good people with high morals and and a passion for justice. So it's unfair to focus purely on sociological issues, so we must look at the other factors that effect criminality.

I think the most significant factor is 'the person', aka the psychological factors. We are in the process of finding out who the offenders were during last weeks disorder and it is becoming more and more obvious that the backgrounds of the offenders are varied. Its not just poor people...its not just single parents...its not just quality of upbringing.

The government must look at psychological reasons in addition to sociological reasons and i have a solution that could help tackle the psychological factors.

Every young offender that is convicted of a crime must undergo a psychological assessment followed by a course of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) counselling. This may be done in combination with a suspended or community sentence. Once they have undergone this treatment it is hoped that they have learned that they are able to take control of their lives with positive behaviour rather than negative. Obviously it won't work for everyone, but if we can change the criminal behaviour in half of the young offenders i believe it will have a big impact on social cohesion, crime levels, and social mobility.

This would cost a lot. It would be difficult to measure its success. There is no guarantee that the offenders will even turn up to the sessions. Despite this i am certain that a 6 month/1 year course of CBT would teach these young offenders to take control of their lives...

...we cant keep handing solutions on a plate, the only thing that will make a difference involves young offenders learning to take responsibility.

PS. this was written at 4am, so appols for spelling etc