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MP's Staff...part 2

I'm sure this is an analogy for what i
achieved from my first blog post
My experiences earlier on this week raised a few interesting topics for me. Firstly, it made me realise how powerful twitter can be. I got a lot of support, particularly from the excellent @baby_barrister who i would have given an award had i not awarded them two days before! The other issue it raised for me was that an MP is just one person, and is therefore only as good as the staff that work for him.

I think i said in my first post that these members of staff should be facilitative. They should be there to find the best way for their MP to help, rather than act as a filter. I am confident that the problems i had with Jon Ashworth were purely due to us both being let down by Gavin, his Constituency Director. In the intervening days i have been pulling together all the paperwork Jon needs, but i've also been gently mulling over the question i cant get out of my head; has this happened before?

I just cant stop myself from putting a cat picture on every post
The question really goes to the heart of our representative system of government. A weak link in an MP's staff can be the difference between effective representation and ineffective representation. Bad experiences like mine could serve to completely disenfranchise a citizen. What is coming more and more clear to me is that it goes even further than that. It effects the individual who has been treated badly, but it also effects their family and their community because those who contact an MP are usually representing, either directly or indirectly, the problems in their community.

It's something i would like to speak to Jon about, if he is willing, when this is all over. In the meanwhile i have been tentatively speaking to various people in the community, including the local paper, to see if my theory pans out. This is a completely unscientific and amateur sample, but it at least gives me a little information to chew over while my own problems are getting sorted out.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my theory. Have you experienced anything like it? 

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