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Hurdle 19: When is the right time to publish blog posts?

A lot of my new readers will be confused by the title of this blog post. What is a hurdle? Why is this one 19? Well i'll let you in on my dirty secret...i can't sleep if i don't spill all the things i learn on to my blog.

The hurdles series is all about how to be a great bloger. I did my first hurdle post within weeks of starting the blog, and every time i make a mistake, or find a tool that helps me be a better blogger, i share it with you in the hurdles series.

I enjoy doing it, but its never been that popular...see hurdle 14 to find out why i insist on posting a series that no one reads :D

Anyway, today's post is about the biggest breakthrough in social media management that i've come across, Crowdbooster.

I always noticed that blog posts published at certain times got more attention than other times. I tried really hard to work out the ideal time for publishing. Do a google search about it, and every bit of advice is different. People are convinced that there is one time of day that is best for every blogger to post. This is not the case, it very much depends on who your audience is. So i did my best to work out my best times for publishing, and never really got it right.

Then along comes Crowdbooster. It is focused on your tweets and facebook activities. You can probably publish your actual blog post at any time, but using this tool you can decide the best times to tweet and FB about it. Anyway, I bang on about it on twitter a lot, and you probably see the name of it and think its cheating, or another spam tool. It's actually amazing. It looks at your twitter account, and your facebook account, and analyses patterns and trends. From that information, it will give you advice.

For example; each day it tells me what it thinks are the ideal times for me to tweet. Its generally been 11am, 1pm, 2p, and 8pm...but that is liable to change at any time based on new evidence that Crowdbooster gathers.

I just cant stop myself from posting cat pictures...
...but at least they are all relevant?
The other tools are equally great. It suggests who, out of new followers, has the biggest reach and influence, and it gives recommendations on who you should connect with today. My list consists of 75 people who i dont know, so i haven't really made the most of this feature yet. I much prefer to chat to the people who i already know are awesome.

The next great feature is the "impressions" tool. This analyses your actual tweets, and displays their impressions and retweets on a lovely colourful graph. Its great to see what type of tweets are the best received, because you can then use the data to improve on your future tweets.

Lastly, but not leastly, it shows you who retweets you the most, and which of your followers are most influential.

There isn't really another tool like it. There is tools that measure influence, there is tools that look at the success of your tweets, but there isn't another tool that analyses data in such detail, and there isnt another tool that gives you such great advice.

The biggest problem for you guys is that it is in Beta, so you wont be able to get an account immediately! You can sign up tho, and they will send out your invitations in due course...or i could send you an invitation. They are like gold dust tho, so i have to think of a way of awarding them that does their rarity this space :)