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Guido and Morgan, more alike than they would care to admit

The man himself, Paul Staines
Found this on Guido, and enjoyed it very much.

On the topic of Guido, Mr Staines and his junior can be unpleasant at times. Despite the fact that i do often enjoy reading the blog, the two people that author it live in a strange reality. From my distant view point that reality seems rather unhealthy.

Their reality. A reality in which they are better than everyone. A reality in which they wield the power to cut down anyone they feel like, with a brief tap on the keyboard. A reality in which they won't speak to the majority of people unless they can see an opportunity to humiliate them, and/or make themselves look better. They together conspire against world like the two ugly sisters with delusions of self importance.

They attempt to make fools out of politicians for the sake of doing it, and its been a long time since they have been motivated by an aspiration for a better type of politics. I don't like people who inflate their egos at the expense of others.

The truth of the matter is, we can all see through it. Like the time i read the Harry Potter books, i enjoyed them in the knowledge that it is work of fiction. It is with this mind i read I suggest that you do the same.

Here is Paul being torn to shreds on's only fair to Piers!