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The Diet Justice Irregular Awards

I have met some great people since i started blogging, and i have decided that at irregular intervals i will give some light hearted awards as a thank you. I did consider having a way of voting for awards, but decided that these awards are from me personally to people who i think are great. I've tried to be clever...i may have failed :-) Obviously giving awards is always a bit dangerous...i'm almost certain that i've missed out some great people, so if your not on the list its not because i don't love ya. I have had to try and cut the list down a bit, as i don't want to overwhelm you all with a huge post, but rest assured...i will be doing another round of awards in the future. If you want to nominate someone for the next awards, put it in the comments of this thread with your reasons why, and i will pull together all noms to help me choose.

The Socialites
Here are 3 fantastic people who i can always rely on for a bit of chatter, banter, or a shoulder to cry on. Always great fun, and easy to get on with...defiantly the socialites of the DJ community :-)
Blog Mentor Award 

When i first started blogging i got lots of support from 3 people, Michael of Law Actually, LawMinx of...LawMinx, and Andr0id. I have chosen Andr0id as she has helped me lots with blogging, but has also been brutally honest when i do something rubbish. She's great, and deserves the blog mentor award, keep up the brutality :-)
Order of the Parrot 
I have had some great chats with this tweep since i started tweeting and i know that on those rare occasions that i blog or tweet something of quality, i will always get a RT :-) 
Thanks mate! 

Community Champions 
I have two goals as a blogger. The first one is to keep blogging about my favourite topics, not just popular topics. The second one is to build a community around my blog. Everyone is very patient with my various projects and ideas for building this community, and most people have learned to ignore me until i find another project to occupy me. However, this excellent lady has supported me as a Community Leader in my new discussion community. The discussion community is here to stay, and there will always a top spot for her...if she wishes, she has the opportunity to guest post on DJ, i hope she takes up the offer :-D
Order of the Smarter
 Clive was probably the first tweep i found when i started to seek out tweeps with similar interest to me. His tweets are always really interesting, especially during the riots. He is always the first person i recommend to readers of the blog, and Clive is defiantly someone who i admire his their achievements. Keep it up Clive.
 Sexiest Tweep
 Need i say more! I found this tweep a few days ago and just had to say hi :-) I look forward to getting to know her more...if she doesn't block me for embarrassing her :p
My Favourite Newspaper Lady
We've not chatted for AGES. I read a great column in The Times written by Rhonda, and it had me lollingon the bus to an embarrassing extent. I always keep my eye out for her articles, guaranteed to cheer me up!
The Awesome Newcomer Award
We started chatting a few weeks ago, and i always enjoy our convos. Very easy going, interesting, and easy to get along with. Got a-listed really quickly, and i look forward to chatting lots more in the future...maybe a bit of collaboration, if you're up for it?

Top Cops 

Policing is easily the topic i blog about the most...or at least its a near second behind my endless hospital posts. There are a lot of cops on twitter, its great to see forces seeing the potential of social media. These three tweeps are fascinating and are three of the most successful police type tweeps. I always enjoy reading their tweets...keep up the great work, i hope to chat with you more in the future!

The DJ "i'm watching you" award 

This sinisterly titled award is not as creepy as it sounds, honest! There are a handful of people who do something really unique, and this tweep is one of them. Every week, i think every week, a team of investigators meet up and break open a cold case. The blog is truly fascinating and i could sit and read it for hours. Its a true community blog, something i aspire to, and @Vidocq_cc should be proud of what he has achieved. Well done mate, keep it up.