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The Big Blog Debate #1: Success

Those of you who have been reading DJ since day 1 will know that i enjoy sharing what i learn about blogging...usually because i've made a huge and embarrassing mistake, and i want to make sure than none of you ever do the same :p

I am planning to continue that series, and the next article will be based on group discussions between the readers of DJ. I wish i could offer some prizes for those who join in, but i am too poor! So i will make sure that everyone who contributes gets mentioned numerous times in the article itself, and will join the roll of DJ Contributors. This is the best i can do at the moment, but i hope in future to be able to thank you for your support with some prizes  :-)

The aim of this first discussion is to put together a list of all the factors that might be measured when judging the success or failure of a blog.

This is a hypothetical situation, and we want to be looking at both objective factors, and subjective factors.

When i have raised this sort of discussion before, i tend to get pounced on; "Blogging is about how the writer feels, not about what other people think". That is very valid and i encourage it to be part of the discussion, but lets look at the more objective factors as well...

Looking forward to joining the discussion :-)