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Attack of the trolls

I have been overwhelmed by the support i've had from the twitosphere over the past week, but the law of averages means that with 9 amazing people comes 1 who tries to drag you down.

I don't mind admitting that i don't like criticism. It's something i really struggle with, but am proud of the fact that i have learned how to identify constructive criticism and respond in a constructive way. I think its a fact of life that when you are feeling good about yourself, there is always some troll like character who sees their opportunity to take a cheap shot and try and drag you down.

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This type of criticism is designed to take you down a peg or two, and it could be easy to take it to heart. The thing is, troll criticism is more of a reflection on the troll than on you. It takes a special type of person to see someone who is happy, proud, or optimistic and try to make that person feel bad.

Admittedly i have found overly optimistic people quite annoying on occasion. I also sometimes get annoyed with misplaced pride. However, I try to be self aware, and when i start to get irritated by people i try to remind myself that its my problem not theirs.

The events of the past week have been difficult for me. I have been really struggling with my post operative recovery. I have massive financial worries because i have been unable to work. I rarely ask for help, but when i had no where to turn i reached out to my MP...something that i found quite difficult, due to that misplaced sense of pride i mentioned. The feeling of helplessness when i didnt have anywhere to turn was more acute an emotion than i have ever felt before.

With these stresses on my shoulders, i am very proud of what i have been able to achieve over the last week. I have fought for my life, because my future depended on it. I love studying law and the thought that i would have to quit had me in tears on more than one occasion.

So when i get cheap shots it does upset me. With so much on my shoulders it could be easy to be depressed about it. With the support of my family, my friends, and my tweeps, i have managed to keep positive and be proud of my achievements. So when people take cheap shots it does upset me...which makes me angry because i am disgusted that people would try and drag me down when i am trying so hard to keep my head above water.

So to anyone who feels the need to take pops at me, feel free to do it. It may upset me, but its your problem...not mine.