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NHS Executives at UHL out of touch with patient care

Last week i wrote about a decision by my local hospital run by University Hospitals of Leicester Trust (UHL) to close 2 wards, lose numerous beds, decimate staff morale, and reduce the quality of care provided to the patients. I write this from the bed of one of the soon to be closed wards...a ward staffed by nurses and doctors who have become like an extended family to me over the years. From a personal level, i will be very sad to see so many staff leave the ward to find other jobs. As a patient, and a citizen, i am shocked and appalled that the senior management team will allow so many beds to be lost, and for staff to be treated so poorly.

Chairman of the Board,
Martin Hindle
on holiday during critical
decisions effecting
quality of care
I wrote to the chairman of the board, Martin Hindle, who was on holiday. At a time when the hospital is in crisis, staff are facing massive disruption, and the Chief Executive is presiding over a period of massive debt and an unsure future, Mr Hindle has decided to go on holiday.

I received a reply from his PA, Mandy Johnson, who said she would pass my email on to Suzanne Hinchliffe, the Chief Operating Officer. I am yet to have the courtocy of a reply from either Mr Hindle or Ms Hinchliffe.

Suzanne Hinchliffe,
the Chief Operating Officer
not interested in meeting patients
most effected by changes
It is clear to me that the University Hospitals of Leicester Trust is not concerned about their patients. If they were interested in the view of patients they would have taken 5 minutes out of their time to contact me, someone who will be directly effected by their decisions.

It may now be too late. I am desperate to save my future depends on how well i am medically treated, and the Chief Executive is playing russian roulette with my health. When a patient takes the time to express concern, they apparently brush it aside as unimportant.

Shame on them. But also well done to them...they are each doing a great job at continuing to be paid an individual wage that could employ 12 more nurses each.