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Medical breakthrough in pain control

In the early hours of Wednesday morning a group of nurses came across an amazing cure for pain the likes of which will change the way pain will be managed in the future. No longer will we be having to balance the risk of opiate dependants with the need for analgesia. No longer will doctors have to concern themselves the doctrine of double effect, nor will law students ever have to learn it because this breakthrough will rock the very core of medical science.

Drug addict, before and after //Source//
Lets take a look at a case study. 18 year old male admitted presenting with upper abdominal pain. Bloods are normal, BP steady, pulse and oxygen sats normal. No guarding of the abdomen and no apparent swelling. Despite this patient presents with bouts of extreme pain causing a lot of moaning, easily could be interpreted as sex noises, much profanity, and heavy breathing. The pain comes on suddenly and severely.

Nurses drop everything they are doing, including caring for acutely sick admissions who may need to be rushed into theatre at a moments notice. Morphine is prepared because the patient is inexplicably allergic to all other pain killers.

Here is where the medical breakthrough presents itself. A patient who was screaming in agony mere moments ago is completely out of pain almost before the morphine has even finished being injected. Keeping in mind an Intra-Muscular injection of morphine doesn't peak for 20 minutes, this can only lead us to believe that the metal needle has massive pain killing properties.

So we have a patient who is presenting with sudden onset extreme pain, who is in all departments a healthy young man, who is suddenly cured by the mere sight of morphine.

Bullshit...that's all i have to say on the matter having been woken up at 4.30 with his faux screams of "pain".