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Feedback Week

Feedback Week
6th July - 13th July 2011

All too often people seeking feedback take the view that they are doing people a favor by offering them ways to give feedback. Actually, people don't generally want to give feedback unless something is seriously wrong. So when i ask you for feedback, i am asking you to help me out...and i can't offer you anything in return other than a thank you, and the promise to love you forever ;-).

I am not looking for you to tell me that what i am doing is great, although that's always nice to hear! I am looking to find out what you want more of, and what you want less of. I can then tailor my content to reflect that. Let's look at how i intend to do it, and why i am having a 'feedback week'.

Pop-ups. I hate pop-ups. They are intrusive, annoying and get in the way...they get immediately closed. So why have i got a pop up poll, surely that makes me a hypocrite? Well yes, but i think i have found a way of using pop-ups without driving my readers mad...hopefully you will agree!

Anyway, it's 'feedback week'. This is a week where i focus on  finding out what i'm doing well, and what i'm doing badly. Once the week is over, i will bring together all the feedback and make changes based upon it. This isn't anything unusual...but why am i doing it for just a week?

Actually, i want feedback all the time. Any good blogger is open to constructive criticism at any time. I have decided to have an official 'feedback week' for a number of reasons;

  1. I am more comfortable with using pop-ups as long as it is for a short period of time, for a specific purpose. One the week is over, i will deactivate the hoping my readers will forgive me for using pop-ups on this basis. 
  2. Having a 'week' gives me focus. During this week i will continue to produce original content, but i will also be looking at statistics and other ways to measure success.
  3. It gives you, the reader, a way of seeing how valuable your feedback is. In the days following the feedback week you should expect to start seeing changes. Under normal circumstances there is no set time frame in which feedback is assessed and changes made. The feedback week gives you that time frame.
So please please take a few seconds to fill out any poll that pops up, and if you want to give any other feedback feel free to email me or pop a comment in the comments section of this page, or any other page. Commenting is still anonymous, so be fair but as honest as you like.