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Hurdle 17: Evolution, not revolution: Goodbye Diet Justice Law Blog

Blogging is a great way of expressing yourself, meeting new people, learning new things, and building your confidence. The time may come, as it has for me, when blogging becomes an unsatisfying pass time, and i suspect that most bloggers can relate to this situation. It can be solved by a dash of feedback, a touch of reflection, and the flexibility to make changes where required.

When i started blogging, i did it to satisfy my own boredom. After a while things really took off and i am really proud of what i have achieved. I now have higher aspirations, but must make changes in order to achieve them. My first step is to decide that I am no longer a law blog. I can't compete with the big boys of law blogging, and due to my mix of content i don't really fit into their gang. So rather than try to fit in, i have looked at my content and let it tell me what my blog should be. Blogging isn't about forcing yourself into a particular mould.

It's about allowing your thoughts, interests, enthusiasm, and imagination fluidly drift into its own mould.

Why bother? you might be thinking...this is just semantics.

After a bit of research, i realised that you have to manage the expectations of your readers. I was advertising myself as a law blog, and then failing to behave like a law blogger. Now i have widened my scope, and made that scope clear next to the DJ logo, i hopefully won't have any disappointed lawyers and barristers who click on looking for a great law blog, only to find me talking about politics...or my cat...

What do you think of the change? What do you think of the blog overall? Blogging can be a lonely affair, so holla back and let me know that i'm not blogging to myself :-)