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DJ Award for Best Browser: RockMelt

I would rarely use my blog to plug a product or service...i dont believe in anyone getting something for nothing. But this browser has blown me out of the water, and im surprised it hasn't found it's way into mainstream use. Let me give you a run down of what this browser is about.

It is a browser designed for the social media age. Apple, Mircosoft and Firefox are playing catch up by trying to modify their existing browsers to incorporate social media, and their attempts are clunky and not very intuitive. RockMelt is all about social media.

It has all the standard features you would expect from a has tabs, bookmarks toolbar, an address bar, rss feeds and an easily wipeable history. Here is what RockMelt does, in addition to all the usual features you would expect.

Facebook is integrated into
the top browser bar
Facebook Integration

Facebook has found its way into the very being of this browser. Next to the tabs bar you have the usual Requests/Messages/Notifications. If you are a big facebook user, this will save you tab space by allowing you to close your facebook page, and still be reminded how popular, or otherwise, you are. I am not a big facebook user, but i love this.
These things we know. They are facts.
Quick Compose

The general theme of this browser is tab space saving. The facbeook integration is designed to allow you to get all the notification features of FB, without having to open up a window. Quick Compose does the same, but has a much wider range of features. In the screenshot you can see how easy it is to do a facebook status update from the browser. This again saves me having to open up a browser when i feel the sudden and insatiable urge to remind everyone how handsome i am.

View Later
View Later

Sometimes in life i feel the need to be able to read 100 things at once. This often happens when i am reading wikipedia and getting a bit of tab-stack. If only i could file them away, without giving them the luxury of a whole bookmark. With RM, you can. Just click the little clock to the right of address bar, and like me you can save your important needlecraft webpage for a more suitable time and place...preferably my bedroom, with the curtains closed.

Sharing your inappropriate google searches made easy

Another great click-reducing feature is the share button. As you can see, i have come across a great list of Gentlemen's Clubs in the Daventry area, and want to quickly share that information with my facebook friends.

This saves me from opening up a tab, copy and pasting the link, and clicking share...a very handy tool when in a Pre-Gentlemen's Club induced frenzy.

Applications made easy (sort of)

The best, and the worst, feature of the RockMelt Browser is the applications feature. Its biggest disadvantage is its intuitiveness. It doesn't behave like an applications feature ought to...but if you put that to one side, and persevere, you will be pleasantly surprised. Lets take this one step at a time. Applications are displayed in the "App Edge"...which as default is on the left side of the browser. You can see it as a number of small boxes under the "hotspots" bookmark. Hovering over them will present you with updates from that particular App...facebook updates, twitter feeds etc...i really like it, but like i said, it takes a bit of getting used to.

The really great thing about the Apps, is that you can find an app whereever you is basically run of RSS feeds. So whereever there is an RSS feed, the app box in the bottom left of the browser will turn green to tell you there is an App available.

What i do not like is the lack of an App Marketplace...but hopefully this is to come soon.

Friend Edge

You might be noticing a theme here, RM works on an 'edge' theme. We have the Friend Edge, App Edge, Edge Links, and Edge Posting. Lets look at the Friend Edge. The friend edge can be found on the right hand edge, and displays facebook friends. When they are online on fb chat, you can chat with them through the friend edge...simple as that! I dont use the fb chat very let me know if you find this useful. You can promote any friend to the Favorite Friends area at the top, where they will remain at all times...watching you seek out escorts.

Other Features

There are loads of other features up for grabs on this great new browser. I have been using it for about 20 minutes, and i love it already. Will you let me know what you think?

My only problem is...somehow i have opened about 10 times the number of tabs as i ever have before...there must be a setting to sort that out somewhere.