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The politics of politics

The Labour party is a mess, and i don't think even a Milliband would disagree. It's leader is an unwitting fool who is too naive to survive his own front bench puppeteering. A glance through the shadow cabinet give me a sinking is populated by ex minister inadequates tainted by the latter years of the last government.

The current government can't seem to please anyone any of the time. They are plagued by u-turns, and where they don't u-turn they are plagued with threats of strike. We don't even have the lib-dems to give us the hope that they would have done had they not gone into government.

Although i often find myself on the fence in terms of political affiliations, i consider myself from a labour family. With a united and strong labour party, i would take great pleasure in voting for them.

So is there a light at the end of the tunnel? For a person with labour tendencies, i can easily see a light at the end of the tunnel, be it a fairly long tunnel. The current Labour party shadow cabinet has to go, simple as that. We need a fresh, young, untainted, shadow cabinet if they want to win an election ever again. I think most voters will allow for, and often feel encouraged by, an inexperienced and unproven cabinet...that was proven by Blair.

There is a problem. Not only will the current shadow cabinet hang on until they are physically forced to the back benches, but the potential replacements will probably feel like they are fighting a losing battle anyway.

I would love to stand for election, but as i said on twitter yesterday "do 'bad' people go into politics, or does politics make good people 'bad'? I think either way i could never do it!".  Why would i want to try and represent the best interests of my local people at national level, only to risk being turned into a 'yes man' and totally losing sight of who i am, and what i stand for.

Is the very definition of a politician someone who is willing to compromise their self respect, their beliefs, and change who they are just to satisfy the 'polls'.

There is why i, regretfully, could never go into politics.

this random irrelevance and placement says it all.