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Moments of clarity

A life changing moment of clarity, i have learned, comes at the strangest times and out of the strangest situations.

Some of you will have read my personal blog posts before and will know that i have been having surgery very regularly since i was 17 and i have recently passed my half century (50th) operation. Before that i had to deal with a tragic family death, and before that i went through 12 years of physical abuse at the hands of my mother. Having gone through all of that, survived, and have a lot of successes to be proud of, i find myself having my first real moment of clarity over my cat.

I am a massive cat lover. There is every chance that i will never marry, buy an old shack near a railway line and just fill my house with many cats. The local children will fear me but one day come to realise i have a heart of gold a la Home Alone.

I got my own flat exactly a year ago, and after some thought decided to get a cat. I did a lot of research about indoor cats, and felt satisfied that she would be happy despite not having a garden. So when my mate had a litter of kittens, or should i say his cat had a littler of kittens, i couldn't resist and got this tiny ball of fluff in November.

I fell in love with her immediately and we had many adventures together.

She had her injections, her operation, and yesterday had her stitches out. It was the prospect of her having her stitches out, and the change of weather, that made me worry that she may start to be unhappy due to the lack of space to patrol and cause general mischief.

Kitten owners will know that the removal of these stitches symbolise the start of the kittens teenage life and after that point they find the big wide world, want to stay out late, meet boys/girls, and crawl in at midnight waking you up in the middle of the night to lick your face.

So i made the decision that 'stitches day' would be the start of my search for a new home for her. It wasn't an easy decision to make, but i was very worried that my flat is too small for a big cat to really have a full life, and i wanted to know she was able to frolic in the sunshine. The removal of the stitches is the day where an owner would start letting their cats explore, and i wanted her to be able to do that within her own boundaries, not mine. Luckily i guessed that my local cattery owners would snap her up immediately because they loved her, and i couldn't think of a better family for her to go to. I made that decision yesterday, and felt it was only fair on us both if the transfer happened quickly.

She is now with her new family, where she will have the option of constant attention, other cats to discuss new legal developments with (she is still the daughter of DJ!), and regular access to the internet for her PhD studies.

I have today realised that this decision was the most important decision of my life, and i now realise that growing up comes not from what we have experienced, but the way we make our decisions. So despite all the mountains i have overcome to get where i am today, i consider the decision to let my kitten go to be not only the hardest thing i have ever done, but the only truly selfless thing i have ever done.

Its these relatively trivial situations can be life changing if it changes the way we think. Does this mean that the seemingly big mountains we climb may not be so life changing? I'm not sure...yet.

Update: Meowey has become front page news courtesy of Legal Weasel - take a look, and then add LW on twitter @LegalWeasel

Update: I went to see Meowey at her new home last week and she was like a different cat. I picked her up and got scratched in the face and hissed at. So thats a sad end to a sad story.

Update 3 - I have been sent a few pictures of Meowey now she has settled into her new home. Thought i would share them with you. Click "read more" to see.