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Leadership Skills #9 - Lead to inspire

Part 9/10

Lead to inspire achievement

It is part of a leaders role to create the vision for the future. People rely on their leader to help them to keep that vision in sight, and inspire them to make it a reality. The definition of the verb inspire is to breathe life into something. In order to breathe life into your vision for the team, you must have an abundance of life yourself. This can be demonstrated by being;

  • passionate
  • energetic
  • a good role model


People motivated by their loyalty to an inspirational leader push themselves as hard as necessary to make your vision a reality. However, if they see or hear that you have doubts, or that you have lost interest, that motivation will disappear.


Your energy and passion have a domino effect, and enthusiasm is contagious. If you do not communicate your total belief and commitment, how can you expect others to give 100%?

A Good Role Model

Whether your leadership is formally recognised or not, the team looks to you for guidance. Your colleagues trust your judgement and will base their reactions to situations on yours. If you act as though you are inspired, they will act in a similar way.

Fortunately you can learn how to be inspirational. Replicate the following inspirational leadership traits to inspire your team.

  • Inspire Passion - Inspirational leaders show their passion by maintaining a strong belief in the possibility of future success. They use this positive mental attitude to enthuse others and to keep up morale.
  • Inspire Energy - Inspirational leaders demonstrate energy by displaying resilience and a willingness to work tirelessly on behalf of their teams and colleagues. They do no give up at the first sign of difficulty, and they encourage others to do the same.
  • Inspire by Example - Inspirational leaders act as good role models by taking action to assure the teams success. Their actions demonstrate clearly that the good of the team is paramount, overshadowing their personal needs and ambitions.
  • Inspire Confidence - The best leaders help others to gain confidence from their accomplishments. The more confident people are in their abilities, the more likely they are to meet their target, aims, and objectives.

It is not enough to display inspirational qualities. Do not rely on the teams power of observation - inspirational behavior has to be backed up by inspirational communication.

Do not complain

Be prepared to share your energy. Communicate it to others by sounding energetic and enthusiastic about what you do. Avoid sounding lethargic or apathetic. Do not complain about being tired or over worked. All that does is spread discontentment and dissatisfaction. It also reduces peoples belief in their own abilities. They think that if their leader cannot cope, what hope do they have?

Speak with conviction

To communicate passionately, you must communicate definitely. You need to take with certainty, conviction and commitment. It is not possible to appear impassioned when you sound unsure.

Uncertain: DO NOT SAY: "there is a real possibility that we could achieve x, y and z"

Certain - INSTEAD, SAY: "we have what it takes to get x, y and z"

To be an effective role model, it is important to set and communicate good examples to others. It is also important to communicate your expectation they they, too, can achieve these standards.

A persons belief directs his or her behaviour, and that behaviour indicates the results produced. Inspire others to believe that they can be winners - and they will be.

have you read the assignment technique module?

    a) Outline how public negativity will effect a leaders credibility (6)

    b) Explain how you could demonstrate passion, energy and how to be a good role model (12)