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Leadership Skills #3 - Enhancing relationships

Part 3/10

Enhancing your relationship with your team

Good leadership involves more than textbook knowledge and intelligence. It also dependant upon good people skills.

Your effectiveness as a leader depends on the relationships that you have with your team, and relationships depend on communication. It is important to know how to build the kinds of relationships that will bring you and your team success.

As a leader, everything you do and say either enhances or harms your relationships with team members. To show your team that you are still worthy of their trust and respect, your words and actions must;

  • show that you support your team
  • display that you have confidence in your team
  • demonstrate that you are loyal to your team

Developing strong personal and professional relationships will encourage members of your team to excel. Often they will exceed all expectations in their efforts to show that your support, confidence, and loyalty have been well placed.

You can communicate your support by working and interacting with the team. Leading by example and working alongside team members are excellent methods of demonstrating your support.

Giving praise and positive feedback provides a clear sign that you have confidence in your team members. Asking for their opinions also demonstrates belief in their abilities.

Loyalty to your staff can be communicated by looking out for their best interests.

You can establish strong relationships with team members by taking the time to show that you value them and that they have your full backing.

You may have confidence in your team and be prepared to support it and defend it against all threats, but that in itself is not good enough. You need to show this through good communication.

If you can consistently demonstrate your full support, confidence, and loyalty, then your relationship with them will be based on a solid foundation.

have you read the assignment technique module?

1. Situation: You start in a new company as a line manager. The following questions are all about developing relationships with your new team.

     a) Outline the initial ways you might start to develop relationships (3)

     b) Describe some methods you could use to enhance your relationship with your new team (6)