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Hurdle 15: Comments Policy

Keeping DJ readers talking

Some of my favourite blog posts are ones that spark a reader's interest enough to prompt them to make a comment and start a discussion. I love writing my blog posts, but there is no better satisfaction that to hear a readers opinion, even if it's one that disagrees with me! I realise that a lot of readers, for whatever reason, don't want to comment. I want to encourage it as much as possible and my first step in doing so is being clear about my position on commenting so that genuine commenters have the best environment in which to participate.

M y  R u l e s 

...gets deleted. Obviously! 

...are encouraged. Feel free to link to your own website, or other relevant sites, in a comment. 
If its your personal blog i will add it to the blog roll and/or to other relevant areas of DJ's site and social networks. But remember, spam gets deleted...common sense rules on links still apply! 

Anonymous commenting...
everyone likes to put a name to a comment, it gives the comment more credibility and a nice personal touch. However i don't want to force everyone down the route of having to log in just to make a comment. I therefore allow comments to be made without any log in, but I ask that you do use your name. It means i can get to know you and we can keep track of the discussion. Where I need to add any extra security measure, it will be comment moderation rather than increased Human Verification stuff. It delays the comment a bit, but makes commenting easier for you, and means i can catch spam before it even is published. I don't ever intend to have comment moderation on long term, unless we have a serious spam/troll problem. 

Extreme Views...
I won't delete posts just because i disagree with them...i encourage myself and my readers to get an insight into a diverse range of views. However, i won't tolerate anyone who is unkind, rude or intolerant. We must all respect each other's views, but there are common sense limits on what is acceptable and what is not. 

Respect the blog & Respect the readers...
with such a great readership comes the opportunity for great discussion and i will do what i can to ensure that constructive and interesting discussion can happen without interruption or distraction by inappropriate material. Rewarding top 5 commenters join the "DJ Community Jury'. You get your name in lights on the righthand column and hopefully it will send a bit of traffic to your twitter account or blog. Just make sure your blogger profile is all in order cause thats where it links to!

P.S. Excuse the lack of images and nice formatting...i had a fight with blogger HTML and i lost so i had to clean up the HTML and dont wanna risk it screwing up again by putting a load of images in!