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Hurdle 13 - Blogger's Block

We all have it at some point. You go for months with loads of inspiration, loads of great feedback, and good looking statistics...then all of a sudden it all stops...and you cant really explain why.

It's nothing new...and i am sure every established blogger will tell you that it happens more often than they would like. I am currently going through my first period of blogger's block, and its very lets have a little look at the problem.

What inspired me to begin with? I started blogging when i was bored and looking for a distraction. I started the old Kan't blog as a way of keeping track of documentaries i had watched when procrastinating. After a month or so of blogging i matured and realised that i was reasonably good at blogging, so my inspiration changed from boredom, to a genuine enthusiasm for my topics.

Where do i get my ideas from? This is probably what has changed for me recently...i have been out of touch. I tend to read The Times or the i which give me a run down of the days events, and there is usually something in there that i want to talk about. I've not been buying those papers recently, nor have i really been interested in reading the BBC news website or Guardian Law website. So this episode of writers block has come from lack of stimulation.

Does it matter? Yes and No. I have a great readership, and part of me feels like i am letting them down by not posting. However, the quality of my posts when i am lacking inspiration is i am probably doing them a favour by taking a break (this blog post is an example!).

How long should i let it go on for? A period of blogger's block is normal, and healthy. I do feel a little guilty, but i know that my inspiration will return soon and i will be back to normal. If you find bloggers block totally unacceptable, i suggest you pick a topic you are really passionate about, even when your feeling uninspired, and put together a post on it. It may be that that post is nothing to do with the topic of your blog, but it will be therapeutic for you and may be the jump start you need.

So, to my readers, thank you for your blogger's block will be sorted soon i promise.