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Honours system not doing itself any favors

It's time again for the Queens Birthday Honours...and it's time again for the honours to be further reduced in credibility by the absurd choice of recipients. The 'big one' this year is Bruce Forsyth being given a knighthood for "services to Entertainment" and his photo is all over the news websites this morning.

Forsyth turns the
honours system
 into a farce
There are two general view points on this type of honour. On the one side, entertainment is a vital part of our culture and those involved should be recognised in the same way as someone who contributed to science, charity or education. On the other side, giving a knighthood to someone for entertainment seems completely disproportionate and is an insult to the other recipients.

I think most people tend to view the honours system as a way of rewarding selfless service to others, which is why it can be such a  bitter pill to swallow when a recipient is being rewarded for services to themselves...Forsyth is paid very well for his services to entertainment, there is no element of selflessness.

Take, for example, Brooke Kinsella. Her brother was stabbed and killed, and ever since she has campaigned against knife crime. She was awarded an MBE, and she deserves is. She and her family has gone through hell, and we should admire Brooke for trying to prevent the same from happening to others. Her MBE is a lesser award than Forsyth's knighthood...yet her contributions are more valuable to society.

I have to concede that Forsyth has contributed to the rich tapestry that is our culture, and we should recognise it. The Queen's birthday honours is the wrong place to recognise contributions to entertainment as it overshadows the selfless dedication and sacrifice of people like Brooke who dedicate their lives to others and expect nothing in return.

Give Forsyth a Lifetime Achievement Award at the National Television Awards. He deserves it and the award is proportionate to his achievements.