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Evening Quickie...with Foxy Knoxy

Amanda Knox is in prison convicted of the murder of British student Meredith Kercher. I would go so far as saying that she would not have been convicted of the murder had her case been heard in a UK court.

Amanda Knox
She may have been guilty in fact, and she may have been guilty in Italian law, but the fact of the matter is her whole conviction is based around a lot of evidence that would not be allowed to be even heard in a UK court, that of irrelevant sexual history evidence. Every headline includes the nickname 'Foxy Knoxy', which originates from the prosecution placing much emphasis on her 'promiscuous' behaviour that apparently discredits her as a human being, places her at the scene of a murder, and biases the jury against her.

Any law student will know that a the appearance of bias is as damaging to the administration of justice as an actual bias. Even the most vile of criminals deserves a fair trial, and where a trial is biased it is not right for someone to be imprisoned on the basis of it.

The situation is intolerable; Knox's chance of a fair trial may have passed.

'Sitting of a Judicial Committee of the Privy Council',
The Illustrated London News, 11 April 1846.
Our system of justice is never going to be perfect, but i am proud of it. There are few other places in the world where crimes are tried with such an absence of bias, if only our Privy Council was the final appeal court for the world <-- possibly the most outrageous thing i've ever said.