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Diet Justice Features

I have spent this mornings bout of insomnia rearranging the leadership series of posts and thought i would update you on that, and all the other regular features i do. So here is a run down of what DJ is all about;

  • Main labels - self explanatory, its the bread and butter stuff i write about most and is what has always been the focus of the blog 
  • Series Posts
    • Hurdles - As a new blogger i have a lot to learn. Someone recently said to me that they didn't read these posts after my recommendation because they were learning as they went along. It's my hope that new bloggers will use this series of posts to avoid some of the early day pitfalls, and reach their goals a lot sooner than i did. 
      • Currently on post number 15 of the hurdles series, the most recent post being 10th June
    • Life Skills
      • I have written a lot about life skills since i started the blog, but have generally discussed them in the context of university life. Having started the 9 post series of leadership skills i decided to launch the Life Skills section of the blog. Pending the success of the leadership series, i will put together a lot more life skills posts in the future.
    • Documentaries
      • As i watch relevant documentaries i add them to the doc index. This was the first feature i did for DJ!
    • Guide to life
      • A feature that has been around for a while but hasn't had the attention it deserves. It is a list of useful websites for the various stages of university life from choosing your university all the way through to finding a job.
    • Justice ePaper
      • This is my favourite new feature and i have been loving editing it every day. It is published 'in time for breakfast' every morning and includes posts, news stories, pictures and videos from my the previous day. Careful source management has meant that it automatically populates with relevant material every day. Once it's published, i edit it to make sure all the best stories are easily found.

Features are a great way to supplement the core material and keeps both my readers interest, and my own interest...each new feature gives me a fresh angle and a new source of information. 

So which is your favourite feature and why? Drop me a comment below, i'd love to hear your opinions