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Another RN Tragedy

We recently heard the news of a Royal Navy crewman who shot dead one of his commanders in what was reported to be a rage over shore leave. Today the story breaks of another member of the Royal Navy Lieutenant Sara Hellawell who appears to have died in circumstances that the RN are not treating as suspicious. Some news organisations are reporting this as a suicide having been told that she was working very hard and not getting much sleep.

This is very sad for her, her family and her crew mates. A ship, especially one like HMS Edingburgh, is a close community and and i feel for the Captain who has go try and bring the ship together under such horrible circumstances.

Although I want our members of the armed services to be treated well, i hope that the Astute incident and this incident don't lead to a knee jerk review of conditions...we all know that such a review doesn't help anyone. I do hope, however, any enquiry into the incidents identify anything that could have been done better, and that this never happens again.

Update (14:47 23.06.11) - Statement from the parents, partner and fellow officers start to appear. Article by

Update on the HMS Astute shooting

What irritates me about incidents like the HMS Astute shooting is that we hear all about the incident, and very little of the aftermath. So i did some digging and came up with an article by Andrew Naiper of the Southern Daily Echo. Very little new information has come to light. The trial will take place some time next year (1012) with Ryan Donovan next visiting court in September for a plea hearing.

Although the incident is under the jurisdiction of the Military Police, who have a prosecution service and justice system capable of managing a case of this size, it has been handed over to civilian authorities. A move that I agree with. I agree not because i don't think the Military justice system can handle it, but more that a crime like this should be heard by judges who are experienced in hearing such serious cases. Its been a long time since a military court has heard a murder charge, and there inquests are not much to write home about. True justice is more certain in the civilian system.

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