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Unlock the Democracy asylum

I get regular emails from an organisation called 'Unlock Democracy". The title says pretty much what they are about, and their emails espouse all the populist policies regarding constitutional reform and democracy. They do a great job at taking the side that is morally right, against the side that is realistically right...they are an 'ideal world' organisation, which may not be such a bad thing if they actually succeed in some of the campaigns they undertake.

Anyway, i am posting this because i got the below email today...i've posted it in full (obviously)

Unlock Democracy

Dear Diet Justice,
We've had a great response to our petition calling on David Cameron to ensure that the government's proposed legislation for a mainly or wholly elected second chamber is enacted before the next election, with over 2,300 people signing up.
Opinion polls have consistently shown that the public want Lords reform.  All three major political parties promised it in their manifestos at the last general election.  The Lords itself has been riddled with scandals, from the "loans for Lordships" outrage 5 years ago [1] through to the controversy over peers selling their influence and access to the highest bidder [2].
We've won the moral and intellectual argument, and so the defenders of the status quo are depending on public indifference to let them delay reform still further.  We mustn't let them get away with it: sign our petition today!
There are a lot of myths being peddled about Lords reform.  The current House of Lords is filled with party appointees, and is no more "independent" than the House of Commons: members of the Lords vote on party lines just as much as MPs.  There are far more effective ways of getting expertise into the legislative process than giving a scattering of retired specialists life peerages who will then be given a say over legislation they have no knowledge about.  And the proposed voting system would mean voters, not party leaders, get to decide which candidates got elected.
If we want an effective second chamber with democratic legitimacy and whose members aren't all establishment figures appointed by party leaders, it simply must be elected.  Parliament committed itself to reform 100 years ago this year; it is long past time it fulfilled that promise.
It's clear we won't win this campaign without a fight.  Take a first step by telling David Cameron you want reform now:
With best wishes,
Peter Facey
Director, Unlock Democracy
[1] Wikipedia: Cash for Honours affair:
[2] Wikipedia: Cash for Influence affair:
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We must put aside the shocking wikipedia citation, which does them no objection is the narrow approach they take, ruling out all other options. My regular readers will know my view. The appointments commission is where Lords reform should my article on lords reform to find out why.