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Things have been hectic!

The past couple of weeks have been hectic. Since my 5 weeks of surgery, consisting of 11 operations, i decided to do something to keep me busy while i recover. Starting a little book selling business. It was a mistake to think it was going to be relaxing, but then it was naive of me to think it would be!

So this book selling business was born out of a bit of selfishness...i am so sick of having to spend hundreds on textbooks. I thought if i ran my own business, it would be cheaper. I was very wrong! Anyway, i don't want this blog post to be a shameless plug of the new Diet Justice Commercial student textbook company, the most awesome student run online bookshop ever created, cause that would just be unethical :p

What i wanted to do, was dedicate this post to my twitter followers. I have just hit 500 followers, and i am so thankful, and proud of the comments about this makes me feel ashamed i haven't posted at the frequency that i would like. I decided to organise my followers into a number of do so i had to read all 500 profiles. That may sound like a lot of work to you, but it was actually a pleasure as i have some fascinating people. Barristers, Lawyers, Solicitors, students, life coaches, readers, a former US district attorney, and lots of interesting organisations. As is normal with such things, i have a small following of random companies that have friended me for publicity, but i have done my best to accommodate them as best i can...cause i'm such a nice guy.

You may remember Hurdles 4, 5 and 6, in which i criticised a fellow blogger, who remained nameless, for trying to launch into the world of 'sub-blogging' from a cold start. Maybe against my own advice, i have thought i might like to offer a select few access to my blog, for a one off guest blog post. I have already invited one person, who i have asked to post from a totally non-law point of view, to give us a bit of an outsiders point of view. Once she has written that, it will get published.

The rush of such interesting twitter followers has made me want to learn a lot more about them, and share their experiences with my readers. Alas I am still a very small blog (not that size matter does it lads?), so whether they want to take up that opportunity is yet to be proven...but i hope some of them do because i know my current readership would find them fascinating.

As usual i need to tread very carefully! If i do give up some DJ real estate i need to ensure i am not selling out. I will discourage overt advertising tactics ...the content of the post must stand up on its own as a thought provoking and independent piece. I will ensure that the person, and their own blog/website is linked at the bottom of their piece, along with a place in a "DJ Hall of Honour" they won't go unrecognised, nor unthanked by my readers and I.

If any of the chosen individuals accepts my offer, readers can rest assured that i won't rest on my will see from Hurdles 4, 5 and 6 that guest blogging, or sub blogging is not an excuse to slack off.

Anyway, i go now. Thanks to my regular readers for sticking with me, and thanks to my new twitter followers. Welcome to the DJ family!