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Social Mobility is a political 'email from Nigeria'

We so often hear politicians preach about social mobility, the ability to increase ones status in the social hierarchy. It seems to be the basis for most policy decisions, and is effectively a way of politicians bribing the public into voting for them, because social mobility is a posh way of saying 'getting rich'. They are exploiting the same human weakness that gets people to respond to emails from the Prince of Nigeria...getting rich without having to do anything.

Social mobility policies rarely get delivered to the standard promised by the politicians, or when they do they have a negative effect on society. Millions of pounds are spent/wasted on implementing these policies, aimed at inspiring, or dragging, people out of poverty. What the politicians may not realise is that people want social stability, not social mobility.

Social stability is exactly what it says on the tin. Its about creating an environment where people feel secure. The abolition of the minimum wage and the introduction of the living wage would be the logical place to start. Increase the money that people can earn at the lowest end of the scale, and you raise peoples feeling of social security. Provide good quality primary and secondary education for everyone. Make further education accessible to those who are intelligent, capable and willing. Focus funding on the entry level jobs for those who do not continue with education.

Rather than pour money into the top of society and hope it will trickle out the bottom, pour it into the bottom and let it create a social foundation...a safe quality of life for everyone.

Everyone would like to be rich. I would like to be rich, but what is more important to me is the very basics. Housing, Education and that order. Social mobility is a very nice idea, but the money spent on social mobility would better be spent on social stability.

The establishment of social stability will naturally breed social mobility.