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DietJustice online bookstore

As the end of the year approaches students of law will start to get information about next years modules. It all looks exciting, new and interesting...and after a few weeks of the summer holidays i bet you will be excited about coming back to university, i know i was!

Something you will have to start thinking about is the ordering of your textbooks. This might involve buying from the student book shop, other students, online stores, or actually (god forbid) going to a book shop. The cost can be high, and it can sometimes be difficult to find all the books in one place.

I have been thinking about starting an online bookstore dedicated to law students for some time, and today i have taken the first step by talking to wholesalers.

I hope to be able to offer the following;

  • All books in one place
  • Sensible and fair prices
  • Discounted 'reading list' bundles
  • Free delivery for 'reading list' bundles

Launch of the online shop will be mid June 2011.

I would really appreciate any feedback you can give by answering the below questions in the comments box;
  • Firstly, and most importantly, would you order from a DietJustice online bookstore? 
  • What is most important when ordering your books?
  • Do you tend to order all your books at once, or just as they are needed?
  • What is more important, speed of delivery or price?
  • Would you have your books delivered to your term time address, or home address?