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Journey into student-ville

Come with me on a little journey. We have an essay due in 3 days, and we have done no fact we don't even know what the question is yet. So we get up early, sit down at our desk at 9am, and we tidy it.

We file things away. 
Give the table a wipe. 
Make sure we have enough pens. 
Pop out to get a few back up pens...and a red bull. 
Open the laptop. 

Its not been virus checked for a while, after all we wouldn't want to lose all our work just because we have been putting off doing a scan of the hard drive would we? Excellent, the scan is done, we can get down to the work. We open a word document, and give it a title. 

Comic, not appropriate for an essay. 
Ariel...its ok, but isn't doing much for us. 
Times New Roman, good old trusty TNR, you will keep us safe and secure. 
Now, underline or not? Underline the top line, but not any subsequent headings. 
Defiantly bold the title...and make it 14 point. No 16 point, then any sub headers can be 14 point, while the body of the text can remain 12. 

Ok lets get down to work, planning first of course. Lets read the question. Hmm its very complicated, we think we want to do a spider diagram to understand it properly. Not by hand though, its easier on computer, so we need to find a spider diagram computer program, download it and install it. 

Great, installed and ready to go...actually we find this program isn't really very helpful, uninstall. 

Lets get the highlighters out. Pink, Yellow and Blue. Pink will be for primary points, yellow will be for collateral, and blue will be for citations. 

Wow we are suddenly hungrier than we have ever been. We want an uber sandwich, once we have been to the shop of course. 

Ok we are all filled up, and have a hot cup of tea. We feel warm and fuzzy, and ready to go. 


After a nap. 

Actually its nearly midnight, i will do this essay tomorrow.