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In memory of LtCdr Ian Molyneux

The death of Ian Molyneux is devastating for his family, his friends, the crew of HMS Astute and our country. In the past few years we have lost a lot of servicemen serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, and those deaths have provoked anger from those opposed to the war. The politicisation of military deaths has always left a bitter taste in my mouth, and i am glad that LtCdr Molyneux's death has not yet provoked that. 

LtCdr Ian Molyneux & his wife
This appears to be an isolated incident and can't always be avoided. Human nature will always present risks that cannot be controlled. We must allow the relatives and crew to grieve, and the police and navy to conduct their investigation. Any knee jerk reaction would be counter productive, and politicians should avoid the scramble to be the first person to call for a resignation, or imply that there is some massive systemic failure on the navy's recruitment program.

It's important for our emergency services and military to be staffed by human beings, with the full range of human feelings, emotions, strengths and weaknesses. With this comes a very small risk, but gives massive benefit.

I am absolutely gutted for the family and friends of Ian Molyneux. I just don't want his death to be seized on politically in the same way that Afgan and Iraq deaths have been.

Lets just remember, though, that Ryan Donovan is innocent until proven guilty. The media, including bloggers, should exercise some editorial restraint until such time as he is found guilty in court.