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Gordon Brown to resign?

I'm usually not one for rumours, but there is a rumour going around that Gordon Brown is going to to resign as an MP later this week, allowing for a 5th May By-Election.

This is good news for the people of Kirkcaldy who have been treated with contempt by Brown since his party was shown the door last year.

Lord Brown?

It also means that, before 5th May, we will be burdened with Lord and Lady Brown. I try to give a balanced view of politics. Gordon's decisions about bank regulation did contribute to the financial collapse. However he did do a lot of good as Chancellor and i would want him involved in any future finance bills based on his experience and knowledge alone. Yet i don't think he is good for much else. He has questionable motivation, morals and isn't someone i would want to represent our country in the future. So what could he contribute to the country as a Lord? He has only attended the commons a couple of times since resigning as PM. He is a bad loser. He didn't have the guts to put aside his anger to contribute his experience to the budget debates last week. I don't expect that to change just because he is a peer, and i don't think he deserves it. The Lords do not have anything to do with money bills, and in the last 20 years only one money bill has been committed to them [see here, para 15]. So even if we presume that Gordon will suddenly start attending and contributing, he isn't in a position to make any difference anyway.

I think we all know that Dave is going to made Gordon a peer within a few weeks of his resignation. Dave will feel a political obligation to do so, it is a constitutional convention, and Gordon will expect it. The only thing that may prevent it is opposition by the Commons and/or the Lords themselves. But i don't think they would bother.

It irritates me that a seat in the Lords is given so freely to former Prime Ministers. I am against an elected upper house, but in circumstances like this i start to change my mind. Gordon Brown has lost the public's confidence, therefore he should not still sit in Parliament.

Watch this space, i will shortly be discussing how an MP goes about resigning, as its not as simple as giving notice!