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Filthy Cities - Leaping from the gross to the tasteless

Dan Snow presents
I am just watching the program Filthy Cities on BBC2, and its pretty gross. Both episodes have been gross, but not inappropriately so.  The purpose of the program is to show you what cities were like before various degrees of sanitation, they wouldn't be doing a very good job if it didn't have a few cringe moments.

Dan Snow presents it, in his usual clumsy style. The program is what i would label as 'populist', by this i mean it's not really to be taken seriously, but it is a bit of fun.

Anyway, i have watched both episodes so far and it does exactly what it says on the tin...except today i think the program went too far.

Today's program was about Paris, and part of it was looking at how they dealt with the dead bodies resulting from the mass executions. I found it pretty interesting as i didn't realise how many people were killed by the guillotine.

However, while discussing mass graves, Snow decided to interview a forensic pathologist. He turned stupid harmless car crash TV into something quite sinister with his questions about what mass graves this Pathologist had seen. Not in a tactful and respectful way, but the detail of how it smelt and looked. It took a program that was talking about quite abstract topics, to something tangible. I had images of Kosovo and Chechnya's mass graves, war crimes that still very raw in the worlds memory.

I can tolerate the images of faux rotting flesh, decapitated heads, and blood and guts in this program...but i find Dan Snows questioning about recent war graves tasteless.

I am going to watch Campus on C4 now...I know i'm safe with that?

Campus, C4, Love it.