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DJ in prison...

I am writing this from a cupboard-like 6 x 12 room, with no windows, and blaring fluorescent strip lights overhead. The walls are green, with various squares of brown that i hope are pain chips rather than something stick to the wall. I have a little Bush TV, which doesn't work.

Other than the fact i have my laptop, you might think i am describing a prison cell...and it feels like prison. I am, in fact, incarcerated in one of the side rooms of a male surgical ward in an East Midlands hospital. What did i do to deserve this, i hear you ask! I dared to commit the crime of catching gastroenteritis yesterday, and as part of the infection control policy i have been seperated from the other patients. 

This infection control policy is the very same policy that eradicated MRSA from the hospital, so i would be a bit selfish to get annoyed with the move. 

As i started feeling better, and the drugs wore off, i was faced with these green walls. I also note that i hardly ever see the nurses, as for them to come into my room they have to put aprons on, gloves on, and follow a very strict hand washing routine. They have limited time, so naturally they only come in when they need to. 

So i find myself in what resembles a prison cell. Unable to move. And a social outcast. To be honest, all i wish for is a window.

On a slightly different topic, before i got really ill this week i sent a letter to the Chief Executive of the hospital trust. I was complaining about the standard of the food served on the ward, which has always been unsuitable even for animals, and the standard of the food served in the restaurant, that has, in recent months, descended into microwave food served in black plastic trays. For years i avoided ward food and went to the restaurant. Now the restaurant food is possibly worse than that of the ward, i felt compelled to stir some faeces and to get this changed. As a result of this complaint, i have been invited to stand for election as a Trust Governor in January. I start with the food, maybe i will eventually be able to do something about the windowless room? Updates to follow.

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'The Windowless Room'
Viewed from my left to right, from my hospital bed

the wall where the window should be
brown patchy wall
the escape portal