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BBC Justice Season Continues: See you in court

I woke up at stupid-o'clock this morning, and was cursed with insomnia. As is my usual cure for insomnia, i thought i would find myself a legal documentary. This mornings reluctant choice was Episode 3 of See you in court on BBC iPlayer.

I say reluctantly because the BBC Justice Season is getting a little tired, and although i feel slightly obligated to watch programs like this, its becoming a bit tiresome.

Actually this program revived the Justice Season, which is surprising because i find civil law mind blowing boring. This episode's main focus was about libel, and was fascinating because it showed how unfair the legal system is.

Both of the cases were David v Goliath. Individuals with very limited resources, against huge organisations with unlimited budgets. Natural justice must prevail in situations where David has a 'legitimate' grievance, otherwise our Rule of Law is discarded and replaced with the Rule of Resources. The side with the most money can ensure the potential costs are intimidating enough for the other party to settle. This is no justice at all.

If you look at the wider evidence on Libel, i think these two cases are representative of the daily challenges faced by the little guy in the High Court. It saddens me to think that libel law is the chosen battle ground for the replacement of Rule of Law with Rule of Resources.

Irritatingly, the BBC has removed episodes 1 and 2 already. Thanks BBC.

The topic deserves more than two paragraphs so keep an eye out for my follow up over the next few days.