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Anti-Police Blog added to Blog Roll...why?

"...the most vehemently anti-police blog in the British Isles" is how the author of the most recent edition to the blog roll describes his blog. My regular readers will know that, as a serving officer, i am very pro police, and that this addition to the blog roll is out of character. Before i receive any more questions about its addition, i thought i would briefly explain why.

Labelling of any sort is often counter productive. I wouldn't say that my blog is necessarily 'pro police', nor would i describe Ciaran Rehill's blog as 'anti police', although he clearly would disagree. My blog is all about what i deem to be right, and what i deem to be wrong. Ciaran's blog is the same, although these rights and wrongs are based on his unique experiences, many of which have been negative ones with the police.

I came across Ciaran's blog while browsing twitter. His description is militant, and his tweets have an undertone of aggression against authority. In one exchange with a police blogger, he describes the police as being "lower than whale shit". It would be easy to immediately dismiss him as unreasonable and extremist. If you can ignore unpleasant tweets like this, you can see that he is actually doing something positive for the police.

The police are given a lot of powers to interfere in peoples lives and it is right that we support citizen journalism as an addition to the scrutiny provided by Parliament, Independent Police Complaints Commission and Professional Standards Departments. There is no doubt that there are people who have been treated very badly by the police, and their anger about that treatment is unlikely to ever change. These people want to find weaknesses in the police, and will fight to ensure that the things that have happened to them don't happen to anyone else. Unfortunately that message is sometimes lost due to their anger. If they can find a way to control that anger, they can become very powerful scrutinisers of the police, and forces should embrace that as a positive.

I love being a police officer. I hate any police misconduct. Where we let people down, we should expect to be held to account. I do not think that the official methods of scrutinising the police are sufficient, so i therefore support Citizen Journalism like this, i just hope that some anger can be put aside so that more can be achieved.