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The Winsor Report on police pay and conditions...

...was published today, and i have to admit that it is pretty fair overall. It seems to reflect what the public would want by cutting bonus schemes for those officers not on the front line, and financially rewarding those in front line positions.

Having said that, overall this is probably going to mean less police officers has been said by the Chairman of the fed, and GMP Chief. Less police officers can only be a negative thing for the public, but this is debatable.

At the moment it is unlawful for the police to go on strike, but there has been some talk of either campaigning to have this repealed, or just ignoring it and striking. I can see this debate resurfacing over the next couple of weeks as local fed representatives come under pressure from the rank and file.

Whats more likely is that officers will start to work to rule, meaning there will be no more 'half an hour for the queen' or volunteers for overtime. This will have a massive effect on the public, so i hope both strike and any work to rule motion is avoided.

As a Special Constable this presents me with a massive dilemma. Should there be any strike, or work to rule, the Special Constabularies will certainly be mobilised to fill the gap. Specials are capable of doing this, but is it right that we do so?

A lot of my friends are regular constables, and as i work with them for over 100 hours a month i have immense loyalty to them. On the flip side of that, i have a loyalty to the office of constable, and to the public. I would be disloyal if i were to cross any picket line made up of the regular officers, and my gut instinct is to join them on it. But when i think about it more, i see that the public are going to rely on us even more should any action be taken by the regular officers. So would regular officers see me as a traitor to them if i were to work? or would they respect my loyalty to the public?

I think they would think both, but the legacy of the former would last a lot longer than the legacy of the latter. Relationships between police officers are so important, and i have a lot of love and respect for the regulars i work, slightly reluctantly, i would join any picket line and stand side by side with my friends...i would hope that the federation would negotiate on behalf of the Special Constabulary to find a way we could help the public that would be satisfactory to them. On that note, i shall be writing to the fed.

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A special constable is a fully warranted police constable, with all the powers of a full time police officer, the only difference being that one doesn't get paid, and is not a member of the federation.

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