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The Saturday Subpoena

Brown Revelations

I came across "Brown at 10", written by Sheldon & Lodge, published in December 2010. It was the first, of no doubt many, biographies of Brown and his satellites. Despite its quick publication, it is actually full of fascinating little quips giving us an insight into the buffoon that is Gordon Brown.

Take a look at this Guardian article, to find out the contents of Camron's Christmas card to Brown, and what Harriet Harman said about the job of PM...its a great bit of tabloid populist crap :-)

University Interruption Dilemma

I found out last week that i am to have an operation, under general anesthetic, every Wednesday for the next month or two. There are 3 weeks left of the university year, and i am so far on course for a 1st. Despite this, i am wondering if i should cut myself some slack...i don't know anyone who would try and keep working while being operated on every week.

The dilemma; should i interrupt the year so i can focus on getting better? or should i push on in the hope i will scrape through. My lecturers have been gently suggesting i interrupt, so i can get the best grades possible. My auntie has, rightly, reminded me that i have no intention of going into the legal profession, and therefore getting a 2:2 or 2:1 would probably make no difference from getting a First. I don't need to decide i am chatting it over with family and friends, and hopefuly will come to a decision over the next couple of weeks.


I remember the first time i saw the internet. Windows 95 had *just* been released and the two computers in the library had been connected to a noisy dial up modem. During an IT lesson, Mr Earl took a group of 10 of us to the library, and we sat around while he showed us how to use the internet. He asked us to think of a topic. I can't remember what topic we chose, but i do remember being told about another class that chose the word "lace" and got some surprising results. We spent about 5 minutes waiting for an image to The internet was considered multimedia. As were the Encarta and Encyclopedia Britanica programs, which i look back on with a fuzzy nostalgia.

It occurred to me today that its been years since i have heard the word 'multimedia' so as is so often my way, i took a trip to wikipedia. I promise you i only every use wikipedia for things that catch my fancy, and of course never use it for my course :p

The wikipedia page says multimedia is, not surprisingly, content that uses more than one media format. The term multimedia has fallen out of use, and the reason is that all media is multimedia.

We are living in the future!