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"The Police Misconduct Epidemic"

Ok last one for today, i promise!

Whenever i tell someone i am a Police Officer i get one of three responses...
  1. "My mate/uncle is a police officer..."
  2. "I want to be a police officer..."
  3. "I have huge respect...HUGE respect for the police...BUT [insert stories of being let down by the police]"
This is why i rarely tell anyone that i do it...all 3 responses bore me to death, and i couldn't care less about any of them. Sometimes i come across someone who has had a positive experience with the police, but its very rare that anyone cares to mention us when we do a good job (see below 10 articles)

It would be naive of me to try and suggest there isn't misconduct in the police service. But I am wondering if the very nature of our job, and our role, will lead to an increased incidence of misconduct. Is it due to the higher level of scrutiny we face, from the public, from politicians, from the media and from the Independent Police Complaints Commission? Or is it because we are systemically unfit for purpose?

Its almost certainly the first is my hope it is also the latter, so that we have a chance to fix it during our current 'window for reform'. Below is a list of 10 news articles that tell you everything, or nothing, about the police service.

  1. "Deepcut deaths investigation 'failed to follow leads'"- Devon & Cornwall
  2. "IPCC finds police response to Joanne Butler's emergency calls was 'flawed'" - Leicestershire
  3. "Police accused of breaking boy's arm in cell" - Hampshire
  4. "Scotland Yard admits Daniel Morgan's killers shielded by corruption" - MetPol
  5. "'Safety fear' stopped police pulling man from lake" - Hampshire
  6. "Thames Valley Police Filmed Sledging In Snow" - TVP
  7. "Leicestershire Police Acting [DCC] suspended for gross misconduct and fraud" - Leicestershire 
  8. "Northants Police Blackwell errors apology 'too late'" - NPol 
  9. "Police errors mean girl's killer may never be found" - LancsPol 
  10. "Technicality halts 122mph charge" - Scotland